The Services:


Hi, my name is Kerry, and I am Kneaded Holistic:


Passionate about body work and the body mind connection I spend my days easing stiff necks, frozen shoulders and Sciatica pain.

Do I knead? Yes indeed! Do I rub? I also scrub!

When I am not doing body work, I will be found blending oils, making soap and massage waxes and creams as well as studying the latest massage techniques and doing research into essential oil properties and the best use of them.


I can book appointments in at the studio and if you are within a ten mile radius of me, I am happy to travel, so if you prefer a treatment in your own home/ office environment I a can do that too.

The Products:


The Origins of Supernaturoil: One sunny afternoon a friend was describing his pruritus type condition which he has suffered with for 20 years. Showing me his leg, livid with scratch marks where the burning and itching was concentrated he asked me what would be effective in curbing it, I honestly couldn’t think of anything currently on the market. That is not to say that there isn’t something, however it does mean that I couldn’t say use this and it will work for the intense burning, the itching and the dry skin all at the same time. So taking on the challenge, Supernaturoil was born.

Designed to help the circulatory system by optimising arterial and venous health while at the same time soothing down to the dermal layer of the skin as well as hydrating the epidermis. Supernaturoil has been a game changer. Due to it’s effectiveness in so many ways it has now become my base oil for everything that I myself use as well as what I use on my clients as a Massage Therapist.


Supernaturoil Blends:

Using the Supernaturoil base, a few well researched essential oils are added for specific effect with the aim of soothing particular issues. If I have not got one that you believe will help you, please get in touch I will see what I can do. After all Supernaturoil was born out of just such a conversation.

Ipswich, Suffolk, UK