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Covid 19, should we panic? Absolutely not!

Covid 19, what is it, and should we panic?

Firstly, what is Covid 19?

Covid 19 is an animal to human transmitted virus that is now transferable between humans. It causes flu like symptoms and in severe cases can cause viral pneumonia. As there is no vaccine and antibiotics are ineffective, our bodies need to fight the virus. For this to happen, we need an immune system that is robust.

When I hear the word pandemic, I think of panic, stress and anxiety and a world population on the brink of disaster.

What can we do to ensure our safety and the safety of loved ones? Firstly, don’t panic. Remaining calm puts you in control of your body and its defences.

Stress and anxiety adversly affects our immune system, this is the very same system we want to maintain as a robust virus busting defence organism.

Physcological stress boosts the corticosteroid level in our bodies, lowering the number of lymphocytes and suppressing the effectiveness of the immune system.

Getting to the point....

Wash your hands regularly and if you are going to use hand gel, make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol, otherwise it is ineffective.

Breathe properly. I recommend the Wim Hof breathing method. It will help clear the respiratory system and drive oxygenated blood deeply into the body. I have found that it tends to help clear mucous in the system as well, which in turn will help your lungs function optimally. As Covid 19 is a respiratory disease making sure your lungs are working at their peak is always a very good idea.

Take Vitamin C to enhance your immune systems ability to heal the body.

I personally take Septillin at this time of year when there are a lot of viruses doing the rounds. The benefit of Septillin is that it is proven in respiratory conditions. Of course if you are on medication or have allergies do check with your doctor before adding anything to that which has been prescribed.


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